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Since 1980 we have been creating and developing fragrance & flavors. Our thorough market research and our technical background offers our clients the quality standards required for their products. Permanent innovation and in-depth analysis of our customer´s needs make the foundations of our business.

We carefully choose our suppliers and listen to our clients needs which has helped us develop a proactive way of working present in every one of us.

We believe that close communication with our client together with our constant look for innovation has let us offer tailored solutions for customers around the world.

This approach has steered our company in the process of generating new ideas for clients who partner with us in the present, and who will continue partnering with us in the future.


Why choose us?

Our aim is to be aligned with our customers needs; we develop unique and distinctive fragrances & flavors that will perfectly target our clients audience and help them grow their business and expand their markets.

Our sucess has been based on 5 values that are fundamental for us:


Permanent research on our clients market segments where adding a flavor or a fragrance might add value to our clients brands.

Quality service

The communication we have with our customers at all stages of our work, the markets we operate in and our suppliers are essential to us. We always aim to surpass our clients expectations by providing a leading service.

Full logistics supply value chain

We integrate the Supply Chain from our suppliers to our clients. Our lean structure together with our on-demand approach has helped us deliver on time, always

Constant learning

Since 1980 we have been devoting our time to finding technical solutions for both brand new and under development products for the fragrances & flavors industry.


We steadily provide the markets we serve with innovative solutions from our research and development team.

The key to our success

The process of developing or a fragrance that will inspire our clients senses is the key to secure a deal for any product.

Trying a new product is a unique experience which involves many different feelings; therefore, bearing in mind all related aspects to such experience is fundamental for our success.

Regardless of your industry sector, and of the type of goods you sell, fragrances & flavors can be a critical factor for your clients to choose you among many others.

Without noticing, people are affected by any scent or aroma around them. Fragrance and flavor bring memories to peoples minds. Likewise, the bond of a fragrance to a product can be a distinctive factor that would differentiate you from your competitors.

Contact us and begin to enjoy the commercial benefits of enhancing your products with an experience that conveys true meaning to flavors & fragrances.

Most likely your customers know about the products the buy from you, but have they ever asked themselves about the following:

Integranted Quality
and Environment Policy

Meroaromas develops and produces flavors and fragrances for the industry, providing excellence in the products we sell, for which we are committed to:

  • Satisfy the requirements and needs of our clients and other interested parties.
  • Fulfill the applicable legislation and regulations, and other requirements that the organization subscribes to.
  • Optimize the process that make up the Integrated Quality and Environmental Management System, working with our staff, customers and suppliers.
  • Manage activities and operations, ensuring the minimization of environmental impact, in order to prevent pollution.
  • Protect the environment by recycling waste generated by the company and promoting, in our collaborators, good practices related to environmental management.



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